Turkey II

The second part of the trip was in the region of Capadoccia. To arrive there we took a local airline flight to the airport of Kayseri, from there we rented a car for the days we were there. We stayed in Göreme, a small town located in a semi-desert valley surrounded by other valleys and interesting geological formations. It is common to find hotels built in the hills and the rooms are real caves with all the modern commodities but still caves in the sandstone. Continue reading →

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Turkey I

For the Summer 2013 we decided to make a short trip to Turkey.  The trip was in 2 parts, the first days we stayed in Istanbul and then we travel to the region of Cappadocia.

It started well when we were relocated in the plane to first class! We traveled with Turkish airlines and we got the first taste of the Turkish cuisine that was one of the things we most like from this visit. Continue reading →