Random Phrases I

A collection of random phrases I have heard or read here and there. I don’t remember the sources. nothing belongs to this mind.

  • My mission is trade my A4 sheet of paper for an Audi of the same type.
  • They say many people die because of alcohol: perhaps they never realized how many of them were born because of it.
  • I’ve got so much money it hardly seems real. It’s so much more than I need. The awful thing is, now that I have it, I feel the urge to keep it.- Jordan Mechner’s Diary
  • Sometimes I wish I could cut loose from all this stuff – the computer games, the wanting to be a filmmaker, the endless self-promotion. I’m so bored with my arsenal.- Jordan Mechner’s Diary
  • I’m behaving like someone who’s convinced they’re going to die young.- Jordan Mechner’s Diary
  • “You want me to tell you your life story? I’m drunk enough for it. You’re never going to be really happy,” he said. “You’ll become a director and a producer and all the things you want to be, but you won’t be a star. You’ll never be a guy like Coppola who takes the spotlight, who climbs the steps of Cannes with a crowd watching him and says ‘This is me, I did this. I’m a genius.’ You’ll be the guy in the shadows. The people who know you and work with you will respect you, but it won’t make you happy, because what you really want is to beat this shyness that’s in you. You want to be the cool guy, the hot dude who has the spotlight and who everybody gathers around. But this shyness you have will prevent you. Every time you have a chance to be the center of attention, you’ll deflect it. You’ll say ‘Oh, this wasn’t really my success, I’m just a little guy.’- Jordan Mechner’s Diary
  • How would you know if someone stole your mind?
  • Cuando las cosas se complican tanto, ¿es que no convienen? o ¿es que hay que luchar?
  • c’est toi ?
  • The days get shorter, the weather won’t get much warmer, and before you know it we’ll be dusting off those winter boots again and watching the sunset on our lunch hours. (Sigh).
  • J’ai tant besoin de toi, tout à coté de moi.
  • «Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.” tweeted by @ahincast 
  • секси-шмекси
  • un Libro de Testimonios del pasado, y un Libro de dicciones del futuro, pues el futuro en el pasado se haya, y lo primero también será lo último.
  • Att ha sex i naturen är det många som lockas av. Men hellre ensamma än i en park här
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