Year One

It has been one year since I started doing changes in the way I do my computing.  And i have to say it feels much better to have recovered control of some of my data and my privacy and stop being the product of the «free» services that are governing most of the web.

Even though I had to put some work on this and maintain my own things there is a lot of work behind made by communities, individuals and foundations. So, for this first year I decided to donate to some of them that have made possible for me and many others to use their tools in a truly FREE way.

The first one I want to remark is the Owncloud Foundation, the foundation behind the great owncloud software that allowed me to have my own cloud where I control my files, calendars and contacts across all my devices. Second, I want to reward the community effort of the Lineage OS, The operative system that I am using for my mobile computing. These two have made the biggest changes in my digital life, but not without having the right tools to integrate them, therefore I express my gratitude to: OpenStreetMaps, Davdroid, and Keepass for creating such tools! Last but not least, I wanted to support Mozilla FoundationWikimedia Foundation, Free Software Foundation and Electronic Frontier Foundation, for the ideals they promote and the fight they give for the web.

A couple of extra organizations I decided to support, despite I don’t use them, are Mastodon, a decentralized social network and eelo, a mobile OS and web-services .

There are other organizations that I want just to name and recommend such as Brave, TOR, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, ProtonMail, MailPile, Let’s Encrypt and my hosting provider OnionHost.

Thanks to all of them we are enjoying a better internet and hopefully future generations will have a safer web to browse.

Happy new year 2018


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