Bogotan Street Art


In my last visit to my hometown I saw many graffiti around the city, I did few pictures of some of them but I got many more from a close friend. So here goes a gallery of Bogotan street art. Continue reading →

Chronicle of a travel foretold III: Into the wild and leaving

Next day was the 3rd of April, one of the most exciting days of the whole trip. During the morning everyone at home left to their lives and finding myself alone I decided to go out Continue reading →

Chronicle of a travel foretold II: Por la carretera

As an horrible start of the trip was the fucking long and wearing way to the bus terminal in Bogotá, almost 2 hours of pain but finally we were there ready to start, in company of my brother we took the first bus towards, Girardot, not very interesting place for this plan, but it was a mandatory stop for me to visit my aunt who lives there Continue reading →